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The Pandrol Safe Driven (SD) fastening system is a pre-assembled, economical yet high performance screwed fastening solution for all categories of track.

SD means ‘Safely Driven’, referring to the controlled clip guidance from the parked to the in-service position. In addition to its ability of pre-assembly in the concrete sleeper, SD systems have also been designed in order to offer high rates of installation by mechanical methods.

The screws are tightened to refusal which generate the clamping force and longitudinal restraint.

  • Multi-purpose fasteners, suitable to various types of concrete sleepers, both for new installation on specific sleeper design and retrofitting on existing sleepers
  • Solution specially designed for easy installation: pre-assembly in sleeper plant, compatibility to mechanised/automatic track equipment

SD fasteners have been developed for a wide combination of support types and construction methodologies eg. new concrete sleepers, retrofitting existing concrete sleepers (including SKL), installation on plastic baseplates, dual gauge applications and plastic baseplates for slab tracks.


Product features by product sector

  • Why SD?
  • Tram
  • LRT/Metro
  • Bridges
  • Main Line (Passenger Freight)
  • High Speed
  • New and Existing Concrete Sleepers

    The SD fastening system has been developed to provide solutions for new concrete sleepers and retrofit SKL type applications. The system provides improved control of the rail clip through features on the guide plates giving a distinct advantage over SKL type products.

  • Application Suitability

    The system  can be used on light rail, main line and high speed applications currently suitable for CEN CAT A, CAT B, CAT C and CAT D tracks.

    The System can be adjusted laterally and vertically within the rail seat and is capable of working with a range of pad materials and stiffnesses. As a pre-assembled system it is compatible with high output track relaying requirements and a degree of mechanisation.

  • This product is suitable for use on Tram systems.

  • This product is suitable for use on LRT/Metro.

  • The Pandrol SD system is suitable for use on all types of ballasted bridges.

  • This product is suitable for use on Main Line (Passenger Freight).

  • This product is suitable for use on High Speed.